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What’s the point of cleaning the carpets in my office?

As a professional carpet cleaning business, we provide our services to several clients who own large office buildings in the Middle Tennessee area. You may be asking, “Why would a business need their carpets cleaned professionally?”

We’re glad you asked.

Make a statement and a great first impression.

Does your business work directly with clients? If so, wouldn’t you want to make an outstanding and lasting impression? Clients may not notice a freshly clean carpet, but they will absolutely notice a dirty one! Make a lasting impression with your biggest clients by having a sparkling clean office building and business area. Clients aren’t the only ones who will notice a dirty carpet. Are you hiring new employees or having the media come to your office? The cleanliness of your office makes a statement to every single individual who walks through your doors. Maintain your stellar business reputation by having a thoroughly clean carpet in your office.

Have an effect on your customer reviews.

Are you a service business such as a hotel or restaurant? Services businesses rely on positive online customer reviews to generate business for them in the long run. In order to entice customers to leave positive reviews instead of negative reviews, your business should be as clean as possible at all times. If you own a hotel and a customer notices a large stain or dirt on their carpet, they certainly will not be thrilled. Enhance your online reviews by investing in a thorough and professional carpet cleaning service. Your customers will thank you.

Improve the work environment for your employees.

Did you know that 55% of humans have tested positive for allergens to dust, pollen, or dander? This means that a good percentage of your employees most likely have an allergy or two. If your carpet is dirty and filled with these aggravating allergens, it will cause your employees to be frequently sick thus resulting in a lack of productivity in the workplace. Because of their agitated allergies, your employees will be forced to take sick days, become distracted at work due to constant sneezing or sniffing, and may be unable to help customers or clients because of their allergies. A dirty carpet causes more than a bad impression with customers – it can be detrimental to your employee’s health.

From allergies to client impressions, the carpet in your office is more influential on your business than you think. Do your office carpets need a deep cleaning? The pros at Turner Carpet Cleaning are at your service. Give us a call today at (615) 898-7578