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Remove Pet Fur From Your Murfreesboro Home

Remove Pet Fur From Your Murfreesboro Home

Pet-Fur-Turner-Carpet-Cleaningou love your pets dearly, but you may not enjoy the furry messes they leave all over your home. From your clothes to your furniture, pet fur tends to be left all over the house. If you struggle with eliminating these furry messes, try using these pet fur removal tips from Turner Carpet Cleaning.

Use a Balloon!

It may seem odd, but by slowly rubbing an inflated balloon over your clothing, furniture and even carpeting, the static energy will attract the fur to the balloon. Remember to go slowly or you may leave fur behind.

Dampen a Sponge

If you have a dirty or furry carpet, this solution may be your best short-term option. By first vacuuming your carpet and then going back over with a damp sponge, the fur will roll up into visible clumps which you can easily pick up by hand and dispose of.

Clean with a Lint Roller

If you have a lint roller at your Murfreesboro, TN home that you typically use for your clothing, you can also use this for your furniture. This simple household tool will help you rid your home of dog and cat fur as soon as possible.

Trust a Professional Cleaner

No matter how many times you vacuum your home with a standard household vacuum, you won’t be able to fully rid your home of all the pet dander and fur. A professional carpet and home cleaner will have the equipment and experience needed to provide your home with a deep clean and eliminate the majority of the pet fur in your carpet, furniture and other places in your home.

Try these simple fur removal methods in your Murfreesboro, TN home, and call Turner Carpet Cleaning when you need a full professional carpet cleaning service in Middle Tennessee. Our expertise and equipment will leave your carpets, furniture and more sparkling and clean. Call us today!