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Are you making these 4 carpet cleaning mistakes?

Are you making these 4 carpet cleaning mistakes?

If you are a homeowner with carpet in your home, you may be making a multitude of mistakes that could damage or ruin your carpet. Next time you notice a stain or your carpets become dirty, be sure not to make these four common mistakes.

Rubbing in Stains

When we spill wine, coffee, food or other elements on our carpet, our first and natural reaction is to try and rub the stain out of the carpet. In reality, this is actually quite bad for the carpet. By rubbing the stain ‘out’, you are actually damaging the fibers in your carpet by tearing them. In addition, this practice can make your carpet fade over time. All in all, it’s not the best way to get rid of a stain either.

To eliminate a stain from your carpet, place a wet cloth over the stain and let the cloth absorb the material.

Rarely cleaning your carpets

Do you know just how much dirt, dust, fur, hair, debris and more build up in the fibers of your carpet over time? Truth be told, you really do not want to know! The longer you leave your carpets unclean, the greater chance you have of having a disgustingly dirty carpet. This also leads to an increased chance of sickness, allergies, and dirty areas around your home.

Even a quick vacuum around the carpeted area of your home can help to eliminate part of the mess deep down in the fibers and threads of your carpets.

Using the wrong type of cleaner

Should you use the incorrect type of cleaner on your carpet, you could end up making the overall stain worse, damage your carpet, and spend more money in the long run. Make sure you read the label and understand which type of cleaner you are using. Your best bet is to always use a well known, and professionally approved carpet cleaning product. General cleaners are NOT good for your carpets.

Not having your carpets professionally cleaned

Having a carpet cleaning specialist come to your home and thoroughly clean your carpet can completely rejuvenate the look and feel of your home. With their top-notch equipment and commercial cleaning materials, they have the resources and skills needed to bring your carpets back to life.

If you’re in need of a professional carpet cleaning service, look no further than Turner Carpet Cleaning. Our specialists are individually trained to provide our Murfreesboro TN customers with only the finest carpet cleaning services. Call us today to schedule your appointment at 615-898-7578.